Sandwiches & Wraps
All sandwiches are served on your choice of white, brown, sour dough or  rye bread. Each meal includes your choice of fries, salad or soup.

Feeling adventurous? Substitute onion rings, yam fries, waffle fries or kettle chips $3

Beef Dip $18.95
Slow roasted beef, thinly sliced, stacked on a grilled garlic spread bistro roll served with au jus.                                                                           

Or make it a Philly Beef Dip with swiss cheese, peppers & onions! $19.95

Reuben $16.95
Thinly sliced warmed Montreal smoked beef with swiss cheese, sauerkraut and dijon mustard on grilled rye bread.                                           

B.L.T $11.95
Bacon, crispy lettuce, mayonnaise and fresh tomatoes make up this great
traditional sandwich.                                                               
Add cheddar, havarti, swiss or mozzarella cheese! Each $2

Mac's Clubhouse $17.95
Made with slow roasted turkey, bacon, garden fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce.
Or try a seafood clubhouse!  $18.95                                              

Chicken Caesar Wrap $16.95
Flame broiled chicken tossed with caesar salad and parmesan cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla.                                                                        

Frank's Red Hot  Chicken Bacon Wrap $16.95
A staff favorite! Breaded chicken tossed in a Frank's Red Hot sauce with bacon, lettuce, diced tomatoes, chives and cheese drizzled with ranch dressing wrapped up in a flour tortilla.                                                                                 

Grilled Chicken Melt Sandwich $16.95

​Grilled sourdough bread with chipotle mayo, mayonnaise, chicken , havarti cheese and purple onion.  Served with fries of salad.               


Apple Crisp served with ice cream                                          $7.95

Sticky toffee Pudding served with ice cream                           $7.95

In house only desserts